What are the registration rates?

  • Undergraduates, Postbaccalaureates, Graduate Students & Postdocs - $125
  • Non-Students or Exhibitors - $225

What are the cancellation/refund policies?

Registration for the ABRCMS 2020: The Virtual Experience is non-refundable and non-transferable. All registrants will have access to the recorded sessions until December 31, 2020.

If I am a Student and assisting with an exhibit, how should I register?

Students who will assist in an exhibit booth should register as a student in the appropriate student category.

How do I register a group?

Begin the registration process with the first registrant. Before payment, select "Add another registration." This will open a new registration record, which will begin a group. Keep adding all registrants, when all have been added, proceed to payment. All registrants you added in one session will be grouped together, and you can submit one payment for all registrants in your group.

I registered a group and paid. Now I have to add another person.

Go to the dashboard and sign in with the registration ID of the first person in the group. Once in the dashboard, you can add additional attendees.

When will I have access to the virtual platform?

Registration fees must be paid before you will have access to the virtual platform. If you pay with a credit card at the time of registration, you will receive the virtual platform access information on or after October 5. If you pay by ACH/wire transfer/check, you will receive access to the virtual platform when your payment is received, processed, and applied to your registration record on or after October 5. Please note that, following your registration, it may take up to 48 hours for your information to be sent to the virtual platform. If you do not immediately have access, please check back the following day.

How do registrants get access to the virtual platform?

The registrant's email must be used when completing the registration form. On or after October 5, a separate email will be sent to all paid registrants with access information to the virtual platform. It may take up to 48 hours for the virtual platform to receive your completed registration. If you do not have access after 48 hours, please contact Registration Support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

It's after October 5, and I haven't received access information to the virtual platform.

Access information will be sent in a separate email to all PAID registrants on October 5. If you registered before October 5 and did not pay by credit card when you registered, you will not receive the access information until your registration is paid.

When is payment due if I pay by ACH, wire transfer, or check?

Payment is due by October 14. Payments will be processed and applied to the registrant's record. Payments by ACH, wire transfer or check can take 5-10 days to process once received.
If your payment has not been received and applied by October 21, you will be asked to provide a credit card so ABRCMS can provide the access information for the virtual platform.

I received the virtual platform access instructions. Now what?

You will need to set up a profile in the virtual platform before you can participate in the program.
It is to your benefit to complete this before the start of the conference. To access, you MUST use the email address you provided in your registration record. Set up your profile and refer to the tutorial and navigation information provided to familiarize yourself with the platform. 

What Is the Game Challenge and Where Do I Find It?

The game challenge is an interactive virtual game that you can play against your peers! After registering for ABRCMS, sign in to the event platform and log into your attendee profile. Click on the “Game Challenge” tile. Race to the top of the leaderboard by connecting with exhibitors, finding hidden messages and answering trivia questions. The top 20 leaders by 4:00 p.m. EST on Friday, November 13th, will receive a $50 gift card! We will announce the winners during the Presentation Award Ceremony!

Exhibits & Sponsorship 

I have a graduate student who will also help with the virtual exhibit booth. Do they need to register as both a student and an exhibitor?

No. Graduate students will not need to register twice. Graduate Students assisting with the virtual booth can register as students and still have the same access as an exhibitor.

I'm on the fence about exhibiting. Can I see a virtual booth?

Yes! Click here to view a sample booth. To take a deeper dive into the platform and functionalities as an exhibitor/sponsor, view a recording of the exhibitor/sponsor webinar. Use Access Passcode: 0nU#m?

Will I be able to host group chats?

Yes! There are several options to host group chats and set up 1:1 appointments (i.e. Zoom, Google Meet, etc.). We'll discuss these options further during the webinar.

Does an exhibitor registration come with the purchase of my virtual booth?

No, you must register as an exhibitor for $225 to gain full access to your booth and ABRCMS 2020: The Virtual Experience content. We require at least one exhibitor registration per booth, and there isn't a limit to how many exhibiting staff can register.

Will there be dedicated exhibiting hours?

Yes, each day during the live conference from 5:45 p.m.-7:00 p.m. EST.

Can multiple exhibitors/students share one registration?

No. Each individual will need to have their own registration.

Does the exhibitor registration give me full access to ABRCMS 2020: The Virtual Experience content?

Yes, each exhibitor registration gives you full access to the virtual conference.

How will we get the word out about ABRCMS 2020: The Virtual Experience?

We have several marketing efforts in place to help promote ABRCMS 2020: The Virtual Experience. Newsletters, social media posts, direct email are a few ways we have been promoting ABRCMS 2020: The Virtual Experience. We also encourage exhibitors/sponsors to promote the conference via their social media channels as well.


Can I use a journal article as the basis of my abstract?

According to the ABRCMS policy on the use of journal articles in abstract submissions:

ABRCMS will only accept abstracts based on journal articles from the Social & Behavioral Sciences and Public Health discipline if an analysis has been conducted. In addition, the disciplines Engineering, Physics and Mathematics and Computational and Systems Biology are permitted to use data sets, bioinformatic software, mathematical algorithms, etc. extracted from journal articles. Otherwise, journal articles should not be used as the basis for an abstract.

Am I able to use research I conducted in the past as the basis of my abstract?

Yes. You can use research you have conducted in the past as the basis of your abstract. You MUST get permission from your past research advisor and Principal Investigator in order to submit. Please note, you cannot submit an abstract from a previous ABRCMS.

Can I submit an oral and ePoster abstract?

No. You can only submit an abstract for an oral OR ePoster presentation. If you submit for an oral presentation and it does not make the top 48, your abstract will be assigned an ePoster presentation (given that the abstract is accepted into the conference).

I conducted my research with a group. Can we all submit one abstract?

No. Only one person can submit and present an abstract. Each person from the group must submit a unique abstract.

Oral and ePoster Presentations 

Do I have to attend all the sessions in order to present at the conference?

No. You do not have to attend all conference sessions in order to attend. ABRCMS recognizes your schedule may not allow you to attend all the sessions, so all registered attendees will have access to the session recordings until December 31, 2020.

Will ePosters and virtual oral presentations be judged?

Yes. Both types of presentations will be judged. As with the on-site conference, master's students and previous awardees will not be eligible for presentation awards. Awardees will be announced during the Awards Ceremony on Friday, November 13

Are the ePoster and virtual oral presentations happening asynchronously or at a specific time?

The virtual oral presentations will be happening LIVE Nov. 9-12 from 2:05—2:40 p.m. ET. The ePoster presentations will be available asynchronously Nov. 9-13. No live ePoster presentations will be held.

Is there a cost to participate in the ePoster and virtual oral presentations?

Yes. All presenters must register for ABRCMS 2020: The Virtual Experience in order to participate. Conference registration opens September 8. A small number of complimentary registrations are available through the Student Registration Waiver (deadline August 27).

Who can view the ePoster and virtual oral presentations and how long will it be available for viewing?

Only those who have registered for the conference will be able to view ePoster or virtual oral presentations. ePoster presentations will be available for the length of the conference (Nov. 9-13), while oral presentations will only be available to view live.

Can attendees interact with ePoster presenters?

Yes. In fact, we encourage you to leave feedback and comments on the ePoster presentations. All attendees will be able to leave comments and send an email through the ePoster system to the ePoster presenters. In addition, commenters can leave their contact information directly in their comment for the student to follow up with them.


Do individuals who are willing to judge need to register for the conference?

Yes. All judges must be registered attendees. Only registered attendees will have access to the abstracts.

Do judges have to be available at certain times to judge?

ePoster presentations will be available asynchronously, which means that judges are free to review anytime Nov. 9-12. Please note all scores MUST be submitted by 5:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, November 12. Only a small number of judges will be selected to review oral presentations, which are held from 2:05–2:40 p.m. ET Nov. 9-12.

Will judges be providing feedback?

Yes. Judges will be providing feedback to presenters. For ePosters, judges will leave comments on the student's presentation page. Oral presentation judges will meet as a group to give feedback as a whole to the oral presenters immediately following their presentation session.

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