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Your Mentorship & Career Journey

Click here for resources about networking in STEM, finding a science mentor, and mapping out your career.

Offerings are complimentary due to grant funding. Registration is required.

"Building Your Online Presence and Leveraging Social Media to Network"
Get valuable information about formulating your online presence and social media as a scientist!

"Making Decisions on Your Next Steps"
You’ve likely reached the point where you have to make some decisions about this Summer, next Fall, or next year! Topics include making the tough decisions about your future, whether you’re early in your career, considering graduate or professional school, or a later career student looking to advance.

"Getting Meaningful Research Experience in the Time of COVID-19"
Simply having a research experience is only the first step. The skills, knowledge, and relationships that you gain from that experience is what matters in the end. With many programs not offering research experiences this summer, how can you still get the benefits of a research experience? This series will give you resources, activities, and strategies to consider for remote summer research opportunities.

"Network Your Way to Success in STEM"
Introduces trainees to the basics of networking and the importance of having and utilizing your network. Will focus on skills that trainees can gain through experiences at academic meetings and conferences.

"Communicate Your Science: Preparing the ABRCMS Abstract"
For trainees submitting abstracts to ABRCMS, this session will review criteria that reviewers use to rate abstracts for ABRCMS, describe the elements of successful abstract submissions, and discuss examples from previous ABRCMS awardees.

"Scientific Conference Preparation: Gearing Up for ABRCMS"
For trainees preparing to attend ABRCMS, this session reviews the ABRCMS Code of Conduct, schedule planning resources, and principles of the scientific program, networking, and exhibitor interactions.

"Personal Statement Preparation"
For trainees preparing graduate school applications, this session will conduct peer review of personal statements, discover the most common errors and mistakes on personal statements, and review best practices with writing experts.

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