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Week of October 21 - “Getting the Most Out of a Professional Scientific Meeting”

This webinar will introduce students to the ABRCMS experience.

Topics covered include: what to expect at a scientific conference, the ABRCMS code of conduct, schedule planning, listening to research presentations, things to take away from the conference, and exhibitor interactions (for graduate school/summer programs). If you're attending ABRCMS for the first time, or even if you’re a long-time participant, you don’t want to miss it!

Date(s): October 21, 2019 - October 25, 2019

Time(s): Monday, Wednesday - 6 p.m. E.T. (3 p.m. P.T.) | Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday - 3 p.m. E.T. (12 p.m. P.T.)

You may self-enroll in the ABRCMS Online Canvas course using the following link. Enrolling in the course will allow you to access login information for all upcoming webinars. You will need to sign up for a Canvas account to access the course.


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Christopher Skipwith 1 Presenter: Dr. Christopher Skipwith, Education Specialist, American Society for Microbiology

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