Alternative Summer Experiences for Undergraduate Students During COVID-19

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Register for the May 19, 2020 session titled “Getting Meaningful Research Experience in the Time of COVID-19” on ABRCMS Online COVID-19 Web Events to learn about gaining research experience outside of a lab environment. In this live Q&A session, you will get more in-depth information on citizen science, literature review activities and a repository of open data-sets that you can share with undergraduate students for analysis and presentations.

As a result of COVID-19, many colleges and universities are cancelling summer research programs for undergraduate students. The effects of this will extend beyond the summer. Undergraduate students may miss an opportunity to learn how to think critically in science. They also might be impacted in terms of selection of abstracts for undergraduate conferences or graduate school admission decisions. 

While all students will be “in the same boat,” faculty and undergraduate students can start thinking of some ways to incorporate activities that will advance the scientific learning process. 

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