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Professional Development Session Proposals


ABRCMS invites scientists, professionals, institutions and disciplinary societies to submit session proposals for the national conference. 
ABRCMS develops its program based on conference needs, goals and objectives, recommendations from the ABRCMS Steering Committee, and attendee feedback. The ABRCMS Program Committee reserves the right to accept or decline session proposals in full or in part in the interest of providing a program or due to limitations in space. Sessions geared toward promoting any one institution or program will not be accepted.
NOTE: Individuals proposing sessions cannot select date and time for presentation.
Submission of this proposal does not guarantee acceptance for presentation at ABRCMS 2016. The deadline to submit a proposal is extended to May 13
Submit a Professional Development Session Proposal for ABRCMS 2016


    • Purpose: promote professional development for trainees and educate faculty on how to facilitate student success 
    • Audience: can be targeted to specific groups (i. undergraduate students, ii. graduate students and postdoctoral scientists, iii. faculty members, iv. exhibitors/administrators) or for a general audience
    • Session structure: the format of sessions can vary based on audience and talk. Types of formats include panel discussions, lectures, or small group discussions  


Session Proposals Must Include:


    • Session title: title should be short, but descriptive 
    • Session description: in 100 words or less, describe the session to potential attendees, as it should appear in conference programming
    • Session goals: express the intended outcomes and learning goals of the session
    • Intended audience: indicate the target audience for the session
    • Session speakers: provide background and contact information for each speaker, including relevant past presentations and a short speaker biography
    • Speaker diversity: every attempt should be made to include speakers of diverse backgrounds, including gender, ethnicity, and scientific disciplines
    • Funding request: plans for funding the session 




Session Proposal Deadline: May 13
Notifications will be sent via email by June 22. 




Submissions are no longer being accepted.


Questions? Email or call Irene Hulede at 202-942-9295

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