Components of a Competitive Abstract

Submitting an Abstract

Use the following as a guide for writing a competitive abstract:


  • Provide a brief context for the research
  • Indicate why it is important


  • State the goal(s) of the research and the question(s) you are seeking to address with this research

Study Design and Research Methods:

  • Specifically state what study design was used in the research
  • If appropriate, state what population or group(s) were studied
  • Briefly describe the study procedures used to carry out the research
  • Indicate which measurement techniques were used in the research
  • Provide information on the data analytic technique(s) that were used


  • Briefly describe the main findings or results of your research


  • Concisely state what the results mean and their impact on the field of research

Resources on Writing Competitive Abstracts




ABRCMS will be hosting a webinar on how to submit an ABRCMS abstract. Check back this summer for additional information. 

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