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Abstracts & Posters - FAQ

poster2When can a student submit their abstract?
The 2016 ABRCMS abstract submission site is available here. Students can submit their abstract any time before September 9.

When is the deadline for abstract submission?
The deadline for submission is 11:59 p.m., Pacific Standard Time on September 9, 2016. The deadline will be strictly enforced and no exceptions will be made.

Can undergraduate freshman, graduate students, or postdoctoral scientists submit an abstract?
No, undergraduate freshmen, graduate students and postdoctoral scientists are not eligible to submit abstracts, but are encouraged to attend the conference. There are several sessions geared towards freshmen, graduate students and postdoctoral scientists scheduled throughout the conference.

Can graduate students submit an abstract?
No, graduate students cannot submit abstracts for acceptance into the conference, but are encouraged to attend the conference.

Can students submit more than one abstract?
No, if a student is listed as the presenting author on more than one abstract, all abstracts associated with the student will be automatically rejected. Students must decide between submitting an abstract for poster presentation or oral presentation. If an abstract is not selected for oral presentation, but the abstract is accepted into the conference, that abstracts will be automatically assign to a poster presentation.

Is there a limit on how long an abstract can be?
Yes, abstract text cannot exceed 2,500 characters, not including spaces. The submission site will truncate an abstract if the abstract text exceeds 2,500 characters.

Should the presenting author be the submitter of the abstract?
Yes, all communication will be sent directly to the presenting author.

Can a student submit an abstract submitted for a previous ABRCMS?
No, returning participants must submit an abstract that contains new research findings. In an effort to further the professional development of student attendees, we encourage students who have attended ABRCMS multiple times to attend their respective disciplinary society meetings.

If a student submits their abstract to another conference, can they submit the same abstract to ABRCMS?
Yes, the same abstract can be submitted to ABRCMS; however, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the ABRCMS abstract submission requirements and review criteria are followed. Requirements are not always the same for every conference.

Can a student request to present on a particular day and time?
Yes, but only if a student has a justified reason (religion, exam, or medical) that prevents them from presenting on a particular day or time. If so, the students must e-mail ABRCMS staff Ronica Rodela ( by September 9.

The "review my work" page states that the abstract is complete. Does this mean my abstract has been accepted?
No, after the September 9 deadline all abstracts will be reviewed. By September 26, students will be notified by e-mail if their abstract has been accepted into the conference.

How will the student receive notification?
All abstract notification letters will be sent via e-mail by September 26. Notification will be sent to all authors in the author block, including the research mentor and program director (if applicable), after the abstract reviews have been completed.

If my abstract is rejected, can a student address the reviewers’ concerns and ask for a new review?
No, abstract rejections are final. If a student prepares an abstract that follows the rules and guidelines presented in the Call for Abstracts, then the abstract stands an excellent chance of being accepted.

If an abstract is accepted, is the student registered for the conference?
No, all attendees have to register separately to attend the conference. An acceptance notification letter does not equate to free registration. The discount registration deadline is October 12.

What is the deadline for withdrawing an abstract without penalty?
The abstract withdrawal deadline is October 14, 2016. Prior to the submission deadline, a student can withdraw his or her abstract by returning to the abstract submission site and selecting the “delete this submission” button. After the submission deadline, students must e-mail ABRCMS staff Ronica Rodela ( immediately to request that an abstract be withdrawn from the conference. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action.

If the presenting author on an abstract cannot attend the conference, instead of withdrawing, can another student present the abstract in their place?
Yes, but only if the other student is one of the coauthors listed in the author block of the abstract. However, the presentation will not be judged and will not be eligible to receive an award. In addition, the presenting author must inform ABRCMS staff Ronica Rodela ( of the situation prior to the conference.

Are there travel awards available to students?
Yes, the ABRCMS Student Travel Award. The award is available to undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students accepted to present a poster or oral presentation at the conference. Application is required. Visit the travel award page for more information.

How can a student save a copy of their abstract submission?
We recommend that students write their abstract in a word document before beginning the abstract submission process. The final page of the submission site will show the completed abstract. Print this page for a record. We cannot honor requests for copies of submitted abstracts.

What font and character size should a student use?
It does not matter, as all submissions will be similarly formatted for publication.

How does a student know that their abstract submission has been received?
The final page of the submission is a confirmation. Print the final page as a record of receipt. In addition, the bottom of the summary page gives the student the option of having a confirmation e-mailed. Note that this is not an indication of acceptance to the conference. Abstract notifications are sent out after the review process.

If a student cannot find their research advisor or program director to review his or her abstract, can they still submit?
No, it is required that a research advisor and/or program director review and approve an abstract before submission. 

A student's contact information has changes since submitting an abstract. What do they need to do to update their information?
Prior to the submission deadline, a student can change their profile on the submission site. After the submission deadline, a student must e-mail ABRCMS staff Ronica Rodela ( immediately.

A student is having trouble with the abstract submission system. What should they do?
Each page of the submission site has a "help" button that explains the contents of the page. If a student is not able to resolve the problem, contact technical support at or 217-398-1792.

If an abstract is accepted to present, what is the size of the poster board?
All poster boards will be 4' x 8'.

Is having my name and contact information on my poster mandatory?
No, it is not mandatory to have your contact information on your poster. 

Can guests attend my poster/oral presentation at the conference?
Yes, accepted student presenters are encouraged to bring family members and/or guests to attend their assigned presentation session. Guest passes are available at no cost to the guest and give access to the presentation session only. For more information, contact

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