In order to move the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) forward, it's crucial that there is more diversity, which means the inclusion of minorities, veterans and people with disabilities working in these fields. The first ABRCMS hosted by ASM in 2001, was founded to encourage minority, first-generation, veteran, and disabled students to pursue higher education in STEM. Today, ABRCMS is one the largest professional conferences for underrepresented students.

ABRCMS also provides program directors and faculty the tools they need to help their students succeed. 

The four-day conference includes:

  • 2,100 poster and oral presentations given by undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students
  • Scientific and professional development sessions
  • Over 425 exhibit booths
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities
  • Plenary speakers
  • Conference programming tracks for undergraduates, graduates & postdoctoral scientists, and non-students
  • Awards banquet 

Who Attends ABRCMS?

Attendee Type  2016 2017 2018
Students 2,574 2,742 2,965
Undergrads/Postbacs 2,148 2,374 2,481
Grads/Postdocs 426 350 484
Exhibitors 681 835 859
Program Directors & Faculty 557 587 626
Others/Admin 260 206 221
Total 4,072 4,352 4,671



exhibits graph Attendee Faculty Graph 
 Disciplines Graph  Abstracts Graph

Why Should I Attend?

Take a look at the different opportunities. Need more convincing? Read our testimonials and blog post.

Community College
Community College Students
  • Present your research
  • Learn how to transition to a
    4-year university
  • Secure a summer research program
  • Network with faculty & administrators
    from universities around the
  • Hear from leaders in the STEM field
  • Explore opportunities for community college students 
Undergraduate and Postbaccalaureate students
  • Present your research
  • Explore grad schools across the nation
  • Learn about cutting-edge science from leaders in the STEM fields
  • Feel a part of a community
  • Explore funding options for graduate school
  • Network and find future collaborators 
  • Connect with mentors
  • Be motivated by speakers who have gone on similar journeys
  • Find out about different career options
  • Develop your professional skills set
  • Explore opportunities professional societies
Graduate students
  • Make connections with peers and faculty from across the nation
  • Learn about postdoctoral positions
  • Feel a part of our community
  • Mentor undergraduates
  • Sharpen your professional development skills
  • Exhibit with your university
  • Share your experiences to inspire others
  • Learn about cutting edge science
  • Hear from leaders in STEM
Postdoctoral scientists
  • Judge student presentations
  • Share your experiences with undergraduates and graduates
  • Mentor young scientists
  • Connect with institutions from across the nation
  • Exhibit with your university/institution
  • Learn about cutting edge science
  • Hear from leaders in STEM
  • Enhance your professional development skills
  • Explore career options
  • Recruit talented students 
  • Judge student presentations
  • Network with students and peers
  • Mentor the next generation
  • Build your connections
  • Learn how to help underrepresented minorities succeed in STEM fields
Program Directors,
Faculty and Administrators
  • Learn about funding programs
  • Judge student presentations
  • Mentor talented students
  • Network with peers from across the nation
  • Learn how to help underrepresented minorities succeed
  • Find collaborators
  • Enhance your mentoring skills
  • Learn about cutting edge science
  • Attend sessions specific to your needs
  • Share your experiences with the next generation

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